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Josep Carreras to sing in Taiwan and China (late April - early May)

Josep Carreras will be back to Taiwan and China in spring season with three concerts:
1) Concert with special guest Jackye Evancho in Changhua, Taiwan.

2) Performance during the opening ceremony of "Meet in Beijing" at the National center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, on 27 April.

3) Recital with his pianist Lorenzo Bavaj at the Minnan Grand Theatre in Xiamen, on 30 April, 19:30. According to tickets can be booked hotline and range vary from 180 to 1680 Yen.
4) Concert with Finnish singer Saara Aalto at the Shanghai Daning Theatre, on 2 May, 19:30 News article: According to and to the Chinese version tickets are already on sale and range varies from 280 to 1980 Yen. More details and online booking available only in the Chinese version
Please check to confirm the date, venue and price while you purchase the tickets. No refunds or exchanges once payment is received. Telephone b…