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With reference to the José Carreras Gala 2012 (Leipzig, December 13)

According to what the MDR website has published, the José Carreras Gala 2012 will regularly take place on December 13 in Leipzig. They say that the 18th will be the last edition with MDR.

The Gala won't be produced in Leipzig any longer: the Foundation might be negotiating with other German TV Channels for the editions to come. Anyway, the future of the Gala is not clear at the moment: I will update this post as soon as reliable informations are available.
The José Carreras Leukämie Stiftung website has firmly denied the Carreras quoting you can find in the MDR press release.Mr.Carreras has neither spoken with MDR, nor he has addressed to the German audience. In the future he will be active in the fight against leukemia as fully as before.
Richtigstellung der Pressemitteilung des MDR vom 29.06.2012 zur Beachtung an die Redaktionen:Der MDR hat gestern eine Pressemitteilung zum Thema „José Carreras Gala“ veröffentlicht und dort auch Herrn Carreras zitiert. Wir möchten Sie bitten, di…